my approach

My take on documentary wedding photography

W hen first I started photographing weddings, around seven or eight years ago now, I asked myself: “How would my ideal wedding photographer approach my wedding?” The basic answer came easily (it was only a few years after our wedding); instinctively I knew I’d want someone who could capture those fleeting moments that make every wedding so special, yet leave us free to enjoy the day without having to think about or be hindered by the photography at all.

This led me to develop a documentary wedding photography style that recognises that no matter how grand the location is, what colour the flowers are, or what dress the bride is wearing, it’s the people – the couple, their family and friends – that come together to make every wedding such a unique and personal story. My aim is to tell this story through pictures, remaining unobtrusive throughout, while creating beautiful, natural images with an eye for fleeting moments of warmth, emotion and fun.

My approach to wedding photography is…


Story Telling

Captured forever by my photography, fleeting moments come together to create a compelling picture story of your day


For much of the day, I’ll blend in with your guests – it’s my goal to have as little impact on your day as I can


My images will be honest and true to your wedding 


No forced pre-planned poses – I’m looking for the beautiful reality at the heart of your day


Once the wedding begins, rather than looking to recreate images seen elsewhere, I work instinctively, seeking out the fleeting moments that make each and every wedding unique


Emotion is at the heart of my photography – it’s the hugs, tears, smiles and laughter that make each wedding so special


My style isn’t dictated by trends – I favour a classic film-like approach to both colour and black and white


I’m diligent, honest, well prepared, punctual and I have over a decade’s experience as a professional photographer

Working With Me

  • Preparation

    A little preparation can go a long way to making your wedding stress-free…

    I’ll always be on hand to help if there are any questions about finalising timings and other logistics.

    While the majority of my work is in a natural documentary style, if there are more formal groups to be taken I’ll help you plan them in a logical and efficient way to make sure they barely impact on the running of your day.

    As the wedding gets closer, I’ll arrange a more detailed chat, either by phone, FaceTime, Skype or in person, where we could talk through your wedding, step-by-step. This means I’ll know exactly where I’ll need to be and when, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that your photography is taken care of.

  • The Wedding

    There are no second chances where weddings are concerned, so on the big day itself, I’m completely focused from start to finish…

    I’ll be punctual – being late is a big ‘no no’ where weddings are concerned!

    I’ll remain calm and professional throughout – even when the day is busy, or if plans have to be changed due to weather or timings, I’ll go with the flow and make sure I’m always ready for the next special moment.

    I’ll smile a lot (I’m lucky in that I actually enjoy my job!).

    During the ceremony, I’m mindful of the need to be unobtrusive: I won’t use flash and if I move around at all, it will only be at opportune moments such as during a hymn.

    My cameras are incredibly quiet – in fact for most of the day I work with cameras that can be set to be literally silent.

    I’ll always wear a suit and I’ll do all I can to blend in with your guests, leaving you uninhibited and able to relish each and every moment.

    I’m often told the couple barely noticed I was there, but in reality I was working constantly, always looking out for those fleeting moments of emotion and connection that will create the most evocative memories of your day.

  • After

    It’s a little counter-intuitive, but most of the work on your photos happens after the day itself…

    My background in commercial and editorial photography has helped make me rigorous about the quality of your final images.

    Every image in your final edit will have been worked on individually with aspects such as colour balance, skin tones, exposure and contrast all fine-tuned.

    I adore black and white photography and convert each file separately, applying digital equivalents of processes I learned in old school darkrooms.

    It’s a little clichéd, but photography is genuinely my passion – my aim is that you’ll see that reflected in your final images, each one evoking happy memories that will never fade.


There are many lovely, genuinely rewarding things about this job, but photographing the biggest day of a couple’s life isn’t something to be taken lightly – while it does require passion, to do the job well, this passion must be underpinned by a rigorously professional mindset.

I’m fully insured

 Have backups to all of my cameras and lenses

I prepare throughly for every wedding

I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade (I even shot film!)

I’m experienced in many different lighting and weather conditions

I believe I should blend in as much as I can, so I always wear a suit

I’m used to dealing with big groups of people

I’m used to working under pressure and my demeanour will remain calm and professional at all times.

I always bear in mind that away from all the traditions and trimmings, each and every wedding is unique. Variables such as the people, religion, location, style and yes, the weather, all come together to make for a deeply personal occasion. so I approach each wedding in a completely focused and professional way. This really isn’t a job where you can afford to become complacent – for every couple I work with, the stakes are much too high, so I treat every wedding as though it’s a portfolio shoot, remaining professional at all times and always looking for the next great image from your day.

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