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Bride telling a secret to a friend, Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

Some kind words…

After all the preparation, the photography on the day and the hours of post-production, this is the bit I really look forward to – the reaction when the bride and groom first see their wedding images. Of course, we’ve all seen enough marketing, PR and spin in our lives to take any ‘official’ recommendation with a pinch of salt – all I can is do is hope you’ll take my word that all of the comments below really are the ‘real thing’ – unsolicited email, text or handwritten responses from couples after they had viewed their wedding photography.

Dear Andrew, I’m so sorry it’s taken us so long to write, but WOW what amazing pictures! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication, both on the day itself and post production. You were so unobstrusive and yet at the same time made sure we got some brilliant shots. We can’t wait to get some printed and up on the wall! We both feel you really captured the spirit of our wedding day from beginning to end – the warmth, laughter and humour all come through strongly in the photography. We also thought that the shots of us taking our vows and some of the portraits were simply stunning. In fact, they made us cry a little! The service was the most important part of the day for us and in particular we felt you captured how special it was with great sensitivity. We were amazed how light you made the church look given that it was so dark, and we love the group photos with the trains whizzing past! Thank you again for all your hard work.”

- Lydia and John

Dear Andrew, Thanks you so much for everything. Your professionalism but also your friendly approach has been commented on by so many people. We have a wonderful set of photos which tell the story of our day. For two people who hate having their photos taken you’ve done an amazing job.”

- Louise and David

Hi Andrew, We’re really delighted with the photos, as are our parents and anyone else that we have shown them too! You’ve captured the feel of the wedding perfectly and we enjoy reliving through the images. Further to that, everyone commented on how you have achieved such great results without intruding on the day – lots of people have said that they didn’t realise that you had taken many of the shots. We’ve also been inspired to get a DSLR now that we’ve seen the superb results that they can give (although we need a lot more practice!!). All the best, and thank you once again”

- Tom and Gemma

“Dear Andrew, Thank you so so much for the photos, they are absolutely wonderful! We just returned this morning and looking through them has been a great welcome home. You have such an excellent eye. We are so happy with them; many thanks for providing us with a great record of our wedding.”

- Emma and Nick

Hi Andrew, Thank you so very much. These photos are fabulous – we love them!!! We can’t thank you enough. They are stunning pics, we are so happy with them. Love the ones you took here at our house and in the church. I really feel like you got a really good feel for the how day was – you captured it perfectly.”

- Sally and Nick

Hi Andrew, I just received the album, wow it is beautiful, thank you so much. Looking at it reminded me of how perfect the day was, it is a lovely memory to look at over and over again. If you want to use me as a reference I would happily write one for you. Thanks again for doing our photography, I’m sure I told you before but everyone on the day was commenting on how professionally you dealt with us all but at the same time came across as very friendly and fun, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.”

- Maggie and James

Dear Andrew, We just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for your photography at our wedding. The photos are amazing and it’s not just us who think so – loads of people have commented.” 

- Zoe and Sean

Many thanks for this and all the other wonderful images of our big day that you captured for us. We are enjoying reviewing them all and shall be in contact shortly concerning the album, but just wanted to send a note of our thanks!”

- Ted and Kate

Hello Andrew, Thank you so much for the two websites of the Menorca photos. They are absolutely fantastic and so many great ones to chose from it’s hard to know where to begin. I can’t stop looking at them!”

- Pippa and Bob

Thanks masses for this. We’ve sent the link out to everyone with the thankyou cards. Thanks again for the DVD too – we’ve spent hours and hours and hours looking at these photos! Thanks so much again for being brilliant, a real pleasure to have there on the day, and for some truly lovely photos!”

- Lin and Andrew

Hello. Thanks for the photos they are fantastic. They have brought back lots of memories and really captured the day. Thanks again.”

- Gill and Matt

These are fantastic – many thanks Andrew! Hopefully we will push some business your way – I know lots of people were very impressed with your photography! Good luck with it all!”

- Rachel and Andrew

Hi Andrew, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the photos. They are everything we wanted and more. The tone is absolutely spot on and they really capture the spirit of the day. We’re both dead chuffed!!! Everyone we’ve spoken to who was there has said, ‘Wasn’t the photographer brilliant!'”

- David and Naomi

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