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A few words about documentary wedding photographer Andrew Brackenbury


H i, I’m Andrew and I’m a documentary wedding photographer, now based in a village on the border of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland.


Photography has long been my passion. I’m pretty sure that the seeds were sown in my formative years; an Olympus Trip 35 was never far from one of my parent’s hands and in my late teens, my father’s loft-based darkroom became something of a creative refuge. Working with film and printing my own work started a life-long love of classic documentary-style photography and in weddings I feel I found the perfect place to develop this further.

My wedding

It was the experience of my own wedding that opened my eyes to the extraordinary range of emotion each wedding contains. By the time we tied the knot, my wife and I had been together for years – 10 if I remember rightly – and our eldest child, my daughter, was already 2 years old. Getting married was always going to be the icing on the cake, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the rush of emotion on the day itself. Having three children now, it’s hard to say it was the best day of my life as each of their births was a momumental moment, but it certainly was the biggest.


Two wedding day moments really stand out for me. The first time I saw her as she walked up the aisle – how seeing someone I’d lived with for almost a decade could be so overwhelming is hard to explain, but it really was – and then there was a moment of clarity just before my speech. Full of nerves, I stood up and it hit me – my entire life was out there in that marquee, looking back at me (and thankfully smiling) were all the faces I had known and loved for years, family that had cared for me and friends I had grown up with, played, worked and laughed with.

It was quite a moment – I really couldn’t have been happier, yet it was all I could do to hold back the tears and plough into my speech. Now, as a wedding photographer, I often find myself tapping into those emotions again as I observe and document a couple going through the same experiences. I’d like to think my photography shows something of that empathy I feel.

Photographing the biggest day of a couple’s life is such a privilege. Each wedding brings new challenges and I always work work with the words of my photography tutor in mind – “You’re only as good as your last shoot”. I’ve now been a professional photographer for over a decade and feel incredibly fortunate that in weddings, I found the perfect arena to develop my love of documentary style photography.”


I’ve now been professional photographer for more than a decade and in every aspect of my photographic practise I’ve always aimed to reach the highest levels I can. I’m fully insured; have back ups of all of my cameras and lenses; make sure my presentation and demeanour on the day is always friendly and professional, and that my photographic and post-production techniques always reach the highest professional standards.


Outside of photography, I’m lucky to say I’m happily married and that I’m the proud father of three amazing young kids. As you can probably imagine, this doesn’t actually leave me with that much time to spare (!), but I think it’s fair to say that I’ve always been obsessed by music and in recent years Spotify and Sonos have been my constant companions. When I can I still love to get out to gigs and I’ve even started to play the guitar again (my poor wife!). Music aside, when the weather’s good I love to play tennis (nearly as badly as the guitar) and get out on bikes with my kids.

Many thanks for your interest. If you’re planning a wedding and would like to know more, I’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to CONTACT ME by email or give me a call on 07870 135 986