Beyond Words: Peek-a-boo Nana!

Beyond Words: Peek-a-boo Nana!


This image is definitely one of my favourites of recent times. It’s from Vicki and Paul’s wedding that I shot a couple of weeks ago at Stamford Registry Office in Lincolnshire.

It shows Vicki’s 89-year-old Nana playing with one of her great granddaughters. From the moment she arrived, I was struck by how much fun she was having with the children – it made me think of my own Nan, and I really wanted to try to capture an image that conveyed some of the joy of the relationships between her and the youngest member of their family.

I think this was the best of several images I liked. I really love the way they are leaning into one another and I feel that their body language shows just how just relaxed and light-hearted they feel together. This is reinforced by the smiles of the family in the row behind who are clearly taking delight from the fun these two were clearly having.

Documentary Wedding Photography: shooting the sub-plots

As a documentary wedding photographer, my main aim is to capture the story of the day in pictures and at it’s heart, the main narrative is obviously the relationship between the bride and groom. Yet all around them, mini-stories are unfolding and many of these are missed by the couple at the centre of the day.

With so much going on around them, many couples describe their weddings as feeling like being in the middle of a (admitedly rather nice) whirlwind. I can distinctly remember this feeling myself, so when I’m working, I’m always looking for little sub plots like this, moments that cannot be repeated yet if captured by photography add so much to the memories of the day.

Hope you enjoy this image as much as I do. Do feel free to share, like or add a comment below.



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  • Vicki Buckingham

    Andrew – the family all loved this shot too – as we did many others from the day.

    Don’t tell the nana in question (she’ll not see it here, she is no internet junkie) but she is getting a copy of this picture for Christmas.

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