Weiwei and John’s Loughborough Wedding Party

Weiwei and John’s Loughborough Central Station Wedding Party

As my last post featured Wei and John’s lovely Leicester Guildhall wedding, it seemed fitting to follow it with a few images from their recent wedding party, held in Leicestershire at Loughborough’s beautiful Central Railway Station. Without doubt this was one of the more unusual Leicestershire weddings that I’ve photographed – John is a true train officiando and he helps out with the running of a vintage diesel engine, and the couple had arranged for guests to have a ride and a meal on this beautifully restored old train.

Happily for the couple the sun was shining as Wei arrived and, looking stunning in her beautiful white wedding dress, she caused quite as stir as she walked along the platform to join John and her guests at a pre-train ride drinks reception. As I worked I noticed many heads turning and I heard one lady turn to a friend and say “Doesn’t she look wonderful – wish I’d had my wedding at a train station!” This kind of summed things up – Loughborough Central has been restored to reflect the style of it’s 1950s heyday and it is steeped in the romantic charm of the era – add a beautiful bride, dapper groom and a group of sharply dressed guests and you have quite a scene – who knows, maybe vintage railway station weddings will catch on?

After the drinks reception, the couple and their guests boarded their train and spent the next couple of hours enjoying a meal and the views as they travelled. After their meal, at Rothley Station they all disembarked for a mingle in the warm evening air and John and his best man capped off the evening with speeches at the end of the platform.

Working twice with Wei and John was a joy – on both occasions I was taken with how happy they clearly make each other. It was rare to see Wei doing anything other than smiling and laughing and John’s pride in his new wife is clear for all to see. I’d like to thank them both for the opportunity to work with them and wish them the best of luck in their future together.









































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