Helen and Tim’s Hothorpe Hall Wedding

Hothorpe Hall Weddings: Helen and Tim’s stunning summer wedding


O ne of the wonderful things about being a wedding photographer is that you regularly witness the full spectrum of positive human emotion; among all the smiles and hugs you’ll find tears of joy, laughter and even of sadness as a toast is raised to much-loved absent friends. I’ve often found myself so wrapped up in the moment that my own emotions start to mirror those of the people I’m photographing. So, as Helen and Tim’s wedding at Hothorpe Hall in Leicestershire turned out to be something of an emotional roller coaster for me, I guess it must have been one hell of a ride for them!

From the moment Tim first laid eyes on his bride you could see the emotion was going to be too much for him to contain. Helen looked absolutely stunning and just behind her walked their two young daughters who made for the perfect bridesmaids – as a father of three kids myself, I can only imagine how amazing it must have been for Tim to see his beautiful family walking towards him in the elegant ceremony room at Hothorpe. By the time Helen had reached him, both of them were in tears and there were deep breaths all round  before the ceremony could continue.

The lovely thing was that this depth of emotion radiated from the couple throughout the day and it was clear that their friends and family picked up on this, giving the whole of the day a lovely, joyful and intimate vibe.

The location played it’s part as well. There are so many great wedding venues in Leicestershire that it would be hard to pick the best, but Hothorpe Hall, with its striking architecture and stunning grounds with views of rural Leicestershire, is definitely among the contenders.

Helen and Tim are a genuinely lovely couple who are clearly made for each other and I’d like to wish them and their young family lots of luck for the future. Below are some of my favourite images from their day…

We’ve re-lived ALL the emotion of the day just looking at your pictures. It’s such a special thing you’ve given us – we really, really cannot thank you enough. 

- Helen and Tim



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2 Responses to Helen and Tim’s Hothorpe Hall Wedding

  • Helen Willford

    Andrew, your photos are simply stunning; we are absolutely thrilled! And this was no surprise given how thorough you’ve been in your preparations before the big day and how hard you worked on the day itself. We are so glad you were our photographer. Our day was very emotional and we cannot believe just how brilliantly you’ve captured this. Your work is so insightful, it’s as if you’ve known us for years! We’ve re-lived ALL the emotion of the day just looking at your pictures. It’s such a special thing you’ve given us- we really, really cannot thank you enough.

  • andrew

    Hi Helen and Tim, Just to say thank you for such lovely feedback, it genuinely means a lot to me!

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