Aretha and Sam’s Hinchingbrooke House Wedding

Aretha and Sam’s Hinchingbrooke House Wedding

A few weeks ago I photographed Reef and Sam’s stunning Cambridgeshire wedding, a day that was among the most joyful, celebratory weddings I’ve ever been a part of…

Groom sees bride for first time, Wedding photograph from Cambridgeshire


M y day started at the couple’s home, where Reef and her bridesmaids were busy getting ready for ‘The Big Day’ ™. (For those who weren’t there, Reef and Sam went to a huge amount of effort to personalise their wedding, with invites, the order of service and even banners, all naming this as ‘The Big Day’). From the moment I arrived, it was obvious that ‘The Big Day’ was exactly what this was going to be  – the excitement in the air was almost palpable and there were a lot of laughs as Reef’s bridesmaids helped her savour every moment of the pre-ceremony build up.

At the church in St Ives, Sam, looking incredibly dapper in a three piece suit, was on meet and greet duty helping his ushers get everyone into the church. As an outsider, it was fascinating to watch as the two families intermingled. I especially enjoyed watching Sam’s grandfather chatting with Reef’s parents – from what I could tell, a warm relationship was established quickly. Soon after this it was time for the ‘Big Moment’, as Reef entered the church and lit up the wedding like few others could. As Sam turned to see her you could see the nerves drain away – as he alluded to in his speech, he was clearly lost for words as his beautiful bride walked towards him.

From here, The Big Day ™ only got bigger. Reef’s smile continued dazzle and from the huge hugathon outside the church it was abundantly clear that Reef and Sam’s family and friends were genuinely delighted for them. As a wedding photographer it’s moments like this that you’re waiting for: when you can clearly sense the unselfish joy that others have for a couple you know you are part of something genuinely special. Trying to capture these moments in photographs is, I feel, the very essence of my role.

After the church it was off to the suitably grand Hinchingbrooke House in Huntingdon. As a Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer this has to be one of my favourite locations. It’s a school during weekdays, but from the outside, stately home would be more the description that fits. With it’s spacious grounds, large wood panelled rooms and the atmospheric library where the wedding breakfast was held, it made for the perfect backdrop to Reef and Sam’s wedding. As anyone there will know, the day continued to unfold just as the couple would’ve hoped for, with a lively atmosphere during the wedding breakfast and speeches full of emotion and laughter.

Later, The Hope Street Busking Band – a brilliant three piece who are well worth considering if your looking for a wedding band – kicked off the evening with a rousing rendition of Johnny Cash’s Walk The Line that immediately had the dancefloor heaving. This was the signal that it was full on party time and from the moves I saw on the dancefloor it was clear that a lot of people were having a very good time.

Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the amazing pics, we are so happy!  Seeing the little things that we would have missed has been wonderful – it’s like having an extension to the whole experience!

- Aretha and Sam

I’d like to congratulate Reef and Sam on their truly Big Day and wish them the very best of luck for the future. Below you’ll find a selection of my favourite images from their wedding. If you enjoy the images or have thoughts on the photography or the day itself, please feel free to add a comment. I’d love to hear from you and will reply to any questions as soon as I can.

































































If you’re planning a Hinchingbrooke House wedding or looking for a documentary wedding photographer elsewhere, one who works in an unobtrusive way that will leave you completely relaxed and able to enjoy your day unhindered, then please con’t hesitate to contact me and I’d be very happy to give you more information about my approach and packages.

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