Stamford Registry Office Wedding Photography – Carol and Clive

 Stamford Weddings: Carol and Clives big day at Stamford Registry Office and the Masonic Hall


Wedding at Stamford Registry Office


A  little over a week ago I had an enjoyable afternoon photographing the wonderfully laid-back Stamford wedding of Carol and Clive. Stamford weddings are always fun to photograph – the town is full of beautiful architecture that makes for great backgrounds for photography – and Carol and Clive’s wedding was no exception.

From when I first spoke to them, it was clear that the couple wanted an informal and relaxed day, with the emphasis very much on them enjoying the occasion with family and friends without taking on any of the stress that complicated wedding days can sometimes bring. In the event, this was exactly how their day looked from my side of the lens – Carol and Clive appeared incredibly happy to be together and their guests seemed to tap into this, making for a warm, fun and very chatty occasion.

Their ceremony was at Stamford Registry Office, a venue I’m becoming very familiar with, and as the guests gathered I was pleased to note that the predicted rain was holding off. From the moment he arrived, Clive seemed calm and collected, happily greeting their guests and joking around with friends and family. Only in the last seconds before Carol’s big entrance did he seem slightly apprehensive, but as soon as he set eyes on Carol his smile was back – I thought she looked stunning and equally happy, and as I photographed those first moments I got a real sense of how strong their love for each other is. Cheesy maybe, but definitely true.

Carol and Clive really are a lovely couple and I’m sure that if the rain had poured they would’ve taken it in their stride, but I was delighted that it held off until all of their guests had got to the Masonic Hall and were already enjoying their food and drink. The only slight difficulty I faced was fitting in their portrait photography between the intermittent  spots of rain. Our first session was a little windy, but later, we just managed to time it perfectly and got some lovely images using Stamford’s beautiful old buildings and stonework as our backgrounds.

Below you’ll find a selection of my favourite images from Carol and Clive’s wedding. If you enjoy the images or have thoughts on the photography or the day itself, please feel free to add a comment. I’d love to hear from you and will reply to any questions as soon as I can.

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  • Karen Ferrier

    Brilliant photos of a friends special day, awesome, you captured the mood and everything!

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the kind words Karen, much appreciated!
    All the best,

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